About BVA Santé

The BVA Santé agency is a comprehensive management and accounting solution dedicated exclusively to health-care professionals and powered by the BVA accounting firm.

Over the past decade, our professionals have developed unparalleled expertise in serving this clientele. The knowledge we have gained has enabled us to build an innovative, turnkey approach that allows us to better serve this market through a team that is 100% dedicated to it: BVA Santé.

For several years now, BVA Santé has earned recognition as the preferred choice among this clientele. Today, our team serves over 900 health-care professionals from all regions across the province of Quebec.

We take care of your finances

We understand your daily reality and the current challenges of your profession, which is why we are committed to providing you with the following:

  • Comprehensive support
  • Personalized guidance at each stage of your professional life
  • Experts with in-depth knowledge of the accounting and tax peculiarities applicable to the medical field
  • Availability and attentive listening to your needs