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Comprehensive support solution for dentist

Traditional services

  • Preparation of your tax returns (individual and corporate)
  • Generation of year-end financial statements
  • Incorporation of your practice
  • Planning and management of your installment tax payments

Specialized services

  • Tax planning
  • Compensation planning based on your situation
  • Consultation services for your practice
  • GST/QST specificities management and reporting
  • Compliance advisory services for payroll (if applicable)
  • Assistance in buying or selling your practice (business valuation, due diligence)
  • Funding and financial structure
  • Return on investments (e.g., equipment)

AGILI-T services

  • Bookkeeping with integrated management apps
  • Cash flow budgeting and debt management
  • Consolidated information, including your personal cash flow

Performance accounting services

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Connected to your management information

Have access to cloud-based bookkeeping services

Offer support to your administrative staff

Migrate to a cloud-based accounting platform, enabling

  • Integration of performance indicators,
  • Introduction of project-based accounting,
  • Better monitoring of daily operations,
  • Optimized transaction processing,
  • Simplified cash management.

In practical terms, this means the following:

  • Access to your management information anywhere, anytime
  • Free up your administrative staff’s time through increased efficiency
  • Reduce manual intervention through automated rules within the solution
  • Receive internal financial statements according to the frequency required

Connected applications

  • Simplify your expense account management by scanning your invoices and avoiding manual data entry
  • Obtain a more accurate view of your financial data based on your inventories for better decision-making
  • Automate your accounts payable data entry for greater efficiency


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