Medecine Billing Agency

BVA Santé agency offers personalized, complete management of your medical billing.

Whether you’re a general practitioner or a specialist, our team has in-depth expertise in the different billing procedures that apply to your discipline and practice location.

With our agency, you’ll be sure of optimum remuneration while benefiting from the peace of mind of a turnkey service.

The 5 aspects of our expertise

Complete data entry with advanced verification

A complete billing service, including these payment methods :

  • Fee-for-service
  • Hourly rate
  • Blended remuneration

Considering your practice location

Customized imprinters to suit your practice location, including the following:

  • FMG
  • At home
  • Inpatient
  • Obstetrics

Stay on top of your billing

  • Enjoy online access to our software
  • Receive billing summaries in calendar format for an overview of your billing by day
  • Receive billing summaries for comparisons of your revenues broken down by practice location
  • Share and keep up-to-date on doctors’ most frequently asked questions as well as RAMQ changes or new billing rules

Optimum remuneration

  • Our experts proactively ensure that you charge everything you’re entitled to for optimum remuneration.
  • We automatically invoice office expense packages and other recurring packages based on your practice.
  • We use AIP mode functionality for automatic validation of FMG patient data.

Support and advice tailored to your specialization

  • Initial RAMQ billing training, customized to your practice context
  • Annual review to help you improve and optimize your billing process
  • Research and interventions with RAMQ
  • Consulting and optimization of your remuneration

An approach tailored to your needs

Would you like to enter your billing data directly into our software and benefit from additional validation services provided by a team of experts?


Are you looking for a complete turnkey solution, including data entry, to optimize your remuneration?

Our expertise is tailored to your needs.

Electronic prebilling

Full support

Medical billing services

Complete data entry

Imprinters customized to your practice location (quantity to be determined upon contract signature)

Confidential billing transport service

Confidential storage and destruction of imprinters

Email reminders to professionals at the end of each billing cycle

Advanced checks for fee-for-service, hourly, and blended remuneration types

Automatic billing of office expense packages and other recurring packages

Billing summary reports by location

Billing summaries per billing cycle, overview type (calendar)

Complete reporting of billed claims by billing period

Reconciliation, rebilling statements, and file follow-up

Writing of requests for review and exemption requests

Sending of account statements by email

Email alerts for billing of periodic visits of vulnerable patients (only for office-based practices)

Electronic prebilling

Full support

Specialized assistance

Initial RAMQ billing training customized to your practice context

Annual review to help you improve and optimize your billing process

Consulting services to optimize your remuneration

Research and interventions with RAMQ

Constant information on the rules and changes in effect in your practice

Electronic prebilling

Full support

Medical billing software

POSCIBLE medical billing software license

Access to medical billing software


Customized billing grids by practice location to do pre-invoicing directly from the software


AIP mode functionality

Software training and support


Billing data hosting

Exclusive offer for resident doctors

Get 50% off your medical billing for the first year.